​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Event Security

​​​Now that you want to host your all-important event, you don't want things to go wrong because of wrong planning. Have you thought of your security and that of guests throughout the event period? Security is one of the most important areas of your event to look into if it must function as smoothly as you want. You won't want guests having to watch over their shoulders because two drunk middle-aged fellows are breaking up bottles and causing confusion. Not when you can bring the whole situation under control without stressing yourself.

​​​​​​​GST KING INC are the event security experts with proven expertise and verifiable experience in keeping event areas as secure as possible from external intrusion and internal fracas. Whether you are hosting VIPs or state celebrities in your event, trust our team of security experts to ensure that your event goes as smooth as possible.

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Our event security services cover private functions of very few people, as well as large scale festivals that require all round the clock coverage. The perimeters around your event location are also covered, so that your guests, their cars and every other property is kept safe until they are ready to go.

Make us the number one choice for securing your next event, respective of its nature or the class of people that you expect to come, and we promise to provide top-notch security for you and your guests.


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Your Protection is Our Primary Objective

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Commercial Security

More than most other things and places, your business site needs security. It needs protection from thieves and intruders at all times.

GST King Inc. provides you and your business with a variety of commercial security products to cover your need for security around your business area. Our expertly trained and well-motivated security team is constantly updated with the latest technological advancements for business site protection, so that whether it is a break in or a high technical intrusion, we have everything it takes to detect and stop it. Employing our services is the best decision you will make for your business today because we have everything you and your business needs to stay safe.

As part of our expert services, we also install security alarms in commercial areas so that it will be easy to notify our patrol team of any break in or uncomfortable movements. When it comes to the protection of commercial sites, we at GST King Inc. are glad to have positioned ourselves right, where we can help your private businesses and corporations achieve the security targets they set for themselves. All they need to do is hire us, and we'll work proactively to develop actionable security plans that are tailored down to their specific needs.

At GST King Inc., we believe that security is a priority, so we provide 24 hours security services, in case there is an emergency.

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Retail Security​​​​​​​

As part of our services, we offer topnotch retail site security. Our retail security services cover even the most obscure aspects of loss prevention for retailers irrespective of size or nature of business.

Today, the growing popularity of online alternatives for shopping now means that a significant emphasis has to be paid to guest experience for brick and mortar retail locations, around the world, if they must thrive in their competition. The need for improved guest experience translates to directing focus to safety and security within the shopping environment.

Since we began as GST King Inc. We have always been able to expand our presence to cover every needed aspect of the retail industry, whether it’s by providing a team of trained, well-motivated staff that instantly respond to the priority needs of our clients, or by helping to develop technologies that will help secure the perimeters of our clients retail stores.

Our retail security services cover

  • Fraud, theft, and prevention of loss
  • Threat assessment and analyzing of risk.
  • Consulting and investigation
  • Video surveillance
  • Crowd control
  • Emergency protocol when needed
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We cover every aspect of retail site security with a view of keeping you, your employees, customers, and properties as safe as possible.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you or your business get and maintain 24/7 maximum security.


​​​​​​Government Contracts

When in need of a security program that works well for your government facility, you should direct your search to solutions that are not only responsive, but also ensure contract compliance.  We will protect your projects, with the most professional image to your visitors, customers, employees, and most importantly, provide the best value for you and every stakeholder involved without comprising quality in any way.

Here at GST King Inc., we have everything it takes to meet all these concerns and even more. Our expertise covers a wide range of areas and our record speaks for itself. One thing is sure; we are unrivaled, when you consider experience, commitment, and capability.

Partnering with GST King Inc. guarantees you expert government contract security that cannot be bridged. Part of the government security solutions that we offer include:

  • Services tailored to fit the security needs of federal, state, or local government agencies.

  • Well trained security experts (armed and unarmed) who are invested in your community and have undergone series of necessary clearance to serve the specific needs of your contract.

  • A management structure that is highly responsive and ready to deliver leading-edge technical expertise, as national security industry leaders need.
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Institution Security Services

From academic institutions to financial institutions and even government institutions, security is needed for smooth operation. The growing concern caused by increase in crime and terror-related activities worldwide means that institutions are forced to either level up in their security provisions, or face the risk of being left behind in their competition.

There's no better way to ensure the security of lives and properties around public institutions than employing a professional security outfit to take charge of security.

GST King Inc. is a topnotch security institution with the right drive to secure all kinds of institution. We have a team of well-trained security experts with the right level of experience to keep your institution and all its adjourning parameters safe and healthy for smooth business transactions. We’ve been serving institutions for years and they can testify to the professionalism in our approach to security.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you or your business get and maintain 24/7 maximum security.

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Security and Consulting Services

Your Protection is Our Primary Objective

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Banks and Hotel Security Services

​​​​​​​It is the job of security personnel to provide safety and protection for banks, hotels and other corporate organizations.

Here at GST King Inc., we are committed to providing a safe and serene environment for each of these organizations. Unfortunately, because of transactions that involve lots of money, these institutions have become soft targets for thieves and criminals.

To this effect, we have put together a team of armed and unarmed security guards and officers with the right training and motivation to detect, and as much as possible, interrupt crime attempts. We provide up to date equipment to our guards and security officers as part of our efforts to put them ahead of the criminals in thoughts and technology.

We are always ready to act upon Intel, using safety equipment wherever needed.

The truth is that people are becoming more conscious of the security situation of places they enter and transact in. The need to feel assured of their safety and the safety of their belongings is most important, when they choose which institution they will invest with.  Be proactive in guaranteeing their safety by employing topnotch security services, such as GST King Inc.

Our guards do not only protect lives; they also work hard to ensure that other valuables are protected as well.

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